Church Notice Sheet 

9.00-10.00am              Holy Communion
10.00-10.35am           Church Café
10.45am                          Family Communion (Crèche, JIMS & BAM)
Mon 11th          2.00pm            Open Doors
Wed 13th          10.00am          Holy Communion
Thur 14th          9.30am            JIGSAW
                                7.00pm            Prayer and Praise
Fri 15th             3.30pm            Drench
Sun 17th           9.00am            Holy Communion
                               10.00am          Church Café
                               10.45am          Vision Sunday
                                                             Family Praise (Crèche, JIMS & BAM)
Readings: Romans 13:8-14 & Matthew 18:15-20

Life Questions
These questions are for you to consider individually and in Life Groups; take time going through these and allow questions to create conversation. Read the bible passages above.
1. Think/talk about showing grace and being accountable. What is the difference between challenge and judgement?
2. What does it mean to have a relationship where we call each other brother and sister? #familyofgod
3. How can we live in accountability to each other? What are the character qualities we need to show?
We celebrate with and ask God’s blessing upon Sindy Wabe, Arthur Street and Carole Cuttler this week.

Almighty God, who called your Church to bear witness that you were in Christ reconciling the world to yourself: help us to proclaim the good news of your love, that all who hear it may be drawn to you; through him who was lifted up on the cross, and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.

For those who received Role Descriptions in the Safeguarding pack given out in June, if you have not yet signed and returned a copy to the office, please do so asap. Thank you
We have a new range of cards on the card stall. All proceeds to Gilead Health Development in Uganda
Please provide any notices, prayer requests, or events for the next notice sheet by Wednesday morning

Our People: We pray for our older church members, particularly those unable to leave the house, or those in hospital or care homes.
Our Community: We pray that students starting Warwick or Coventry University this year will feel welcome and be convicted to search for a local church. We pray that we can be a place of support and family for them.
Our Country: We pray that despite the Brexit negotiations, Britain will remain a place of stability and safety amidst the unrest between the USA and Korea.
Our World: We pray for those affected by the devastation caused by the hurricanes in the USA and Caribbean.