Church Notice Sheet 

Sunday 15th October – Paraclesis
9.00-10.00am      Holy Communion
10.00-10.35am     Church Café
10.45am                 Family Praise (Crèche, JIMS & BAM)

Mon 16th    2.00pm            Open Doors
Wed 18th    10.00am          Holy Communion
Thur 19th    9.30am             JIGSAW
                      1.45pm             Knitting Group
                      7.00pm            Prayer and Praise
Fri 20th       3.30pm             Drench
Sun 22nd    9.00am            Holy Communion
                      10.00am          Church Café
                      10.45am          All Age Service

Readings: Philippians 4:1-9 & Luke 24:13-35

Life Questions
These questions are for you to consider individually and in Life Groups; take time going through these and allow questions to create conversation. Read the bible passages above.
1. Where do you experience Jesus walking alongside you?
2. When do our hearts burn within us?
3. Who are you sharing your life-walk with?

We pray for and celebrate with Doug Aspell, Gordon Morris and John Pearson as they have their birthdays this week.

Young Families: Bonfire Launch on 5th November at 4.30pm at St James
Emmaus Concert on 18th November at 7.00pm at St James. Details in entrance area
If you have a Wii or X-box that you could lend out for the evening of the Light Party on 31st October, please let Jonathan Hill know
Please pick up an information slip about the Shoebox Appeal 

Outreach events: We pray for the Light Party for the children, the Young Families Bonfire Launch and the Barn Dance. We pray for new faces, building relationships and the tangible presence of God.
Students: We pray for any students who have joined us recently, or students still searching for a church to call home; that we would be a place of warmth, and support physically, spiritually and emotionally.
Paraclesis: We pray that the things we are learning about – coming alongside one another and loving our neighbours – will become deeply rooted in our hearts. We pray for breakthrough and blessing through putting these things into practise e.g. through the use of our Kindness Cards.