Church Notice Sheet 

Sunday 21st January

9.00am            Holy Communion
10.00pm          Church Café
10.45pm          Family Praise

Mon 22nd         2.00pm            Open Doors
                            7.00pm            Alpha
Wed 24th          10.00am          Holy Communion
    4.00, 6.00 & 8.00pm            NCD Survey
Thur 25th          9.30am            JIGSAW
                            1.45pm            Knitting Group
                            7.00pm            Prayer & Praise
Fri 26th             3.30pm            Drench
Sat 27th            10.00am          Quiet Morning
Sun 28th           9.00am            Holy Communion
                            10.00pm          Church Café
                            10.45pm          Family Praise

Readings: Philippians 1:12-30 & Mark 1:14-20

Life Questions
These questions are for you to consider carefully and apply to your life. Read the bible passages above and then think about the following:
1. List the opportunities you have had in the last month to show Gospel love, or share Gospel truth.
2. ‘Know Christ and make Him known’: How does this truth shape your life?
3. Consider Phil 1:21. How true is this verse for you?

Lord, we pray for your guidance as we consider our responses to the NCD survey and as we spend time in reflection at the Quiet Morning.
We ask that our congregation nurtures a ‘can do’ attitude where we are willing to step up and support each other in making this church a place where your love shines like a beacon to those in our local community.  Amen.
We celebrate with and pray for Jenny Nolan-Burgess as she celebrates her birthday this week.

-Alpha Course begins this week. Please pray for those in attendance and those leading the group.
-Office Closure: Hannah is away this week. If you need anything, please speak to the Clergy; Steve, Anne or Jonathan.