Church Notices 

Sunday 28th January

9.00am            Holy Communion
10.00pm          Church Café
10.45pm          Family Praise

Mon 29th          2.00pm           Open Doors
                            7.00pm           Alpha
Wed 31st          10.00am          Holy Communion
Thur 1st            9.30am            JIGSAW
                           7.00pm            Prayer & Praise
Fri 2nd              3.30pm            Drench
Sun 4th            9.00am            Holy Communion
                           10.00pm          Church Café
                           10.45pm          Family Praise

Life Questions
These questions are for you to consider carefully and apply to your life. Read Philippians 2:1-11 & Mark 1:21-28 and think about the following:
1. (Phil 2:5) What does it mean to have the same mind as Christ?
2. What did it mean for Jesus to humble himself?
3. How can we put others’ interests before our own?

We celebrate with and pray for Jonathan Hill and Charles Harris as they celebrate their birthdays this week.

Sun 4th Feb, 3.30pm: Healed by the Father's Love
Fri 9th Feb, 7.00pm: Welcome to St James Evening
Tue 13th Feb, 5.00pm: Pancake Party