St James Information 

Sunday 4th February

9.00am            Holy Communion
10.00pm          Church Café
10.45pm          Family Praise
4.00pm            Healed by the Father’s Love


Mon 5th        2.00pm            Open Doors
                        7.00pm            Alpha
Wed 7th        10.00am          Holy Communion
                        7.30pm            PCC Meeting
Thur 8th       9.30am            JIGSAW
                        1.45pm            Knitting Group
                        7.00pm            Prayer & Praise
Fri 9th            3.30pm            Drench
                        7.00pm            Welcome to St James Evening
Sun 11th         9.00am            Holy Communion
                        10.00pm          Church Café
                        10.45pm          Family Communion

Life Questions
These questions are for you to consider carefully and apply to your life. Read Philippians 2:12-18 & Mark 1:29-39 and think about the following:
1. (Phil 2:12) What attitude does Paul talk about here? What does it look like for you?
2. (Phil 2:13) What does it mean to know God is at work in us?
3. (Phil 2:15) What does it mean to shine like a star?
4. (Phil 2:17) How are we poured out?

We celebrate with and pray for Maria Njofang on her birthday this week.

‘Healed by the Father’s Love’ is an afternoon seminar session, including tea and a great opportunity to invest time into discovering the 'Father Heart' of God and exploring how He sees us.
This event can really help us grasp what it means to be a child of God. We may, or may not have grown up in a positive, loving and wholesome environment with good parental role models, but this seminar set can teach us new depths to God's love for us, whatever our background and understanding of parenthood. It is highly recommended for everybody to take part!
Please let Steve know this morning if you plan to attend later today.
Blessed are you, Sovereign God, king of the nations, to you be praise and glory for ever. From the rising of the sun to its setting, your name is proclaimed in all the world. As the Sun of Righteousness dawns in our hearts, anoint our lips with the seal of your Spirit that we may witness to your gospel and sing your praise in all the earth. Blessed be God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.

Prayer Challenge
At church this week choose someone you don’t know very well, or perhaps have never spoken to before. Introduce yourself and find out their name. Pray for them each day this week.
Prayer is powerful and even if you are unsure what to pray for this individual, be assured that your prayers, however small, will make a difference! If you are feeling extra brave, ask them if there is anything specific you could pray for and check how they are next time you see them.