Church Notices 

Sunday 2nd December

9.00am            Holy Communion
10.00am          Church Café
10.45am          Family Praise
4.00pm            Advent Adventure

Mon 3rd        2.00pm            Open Doors Christmas Meal out
                        7.00pm            House of Faith Course
Wed 5th        10.00am          Weekday Communion
                        7.30pm            Leaders Together Meeting
Thur 6th        9.15am             JIGSAW
                        7.00pm            Prayer & Praise
Fri 7th            3.30pm            Drench Youth Café
                        7.30pm            “Let’s do something fa la la lamazing” (St. John the Baptist)
Sat 8th          3.00pm            Co-op Orchestra Concert
Sun 9th         9.00am            Holy Communion
                        10.00am          Church Café
                        10.45am          Family Communion
                        3.45pm            Christmas Float (The Newlands)

Life Questions
These questions are for you to consider carefully and apply to your life. Read 2 Corinthians 9:6-15 and think about the following:
1. (v6) Consider the difference between sowing sparingly and generously.
2. (v8) List how God has blessed you abundantly.
3. (v11) How can we be generous on every occasion?
4. Think practically about what this means for your financial giving.

- Advent Challenge (Deuteronomy 10:8). Carry the Ark in Advent. Each day do A Random act of Kindness. Speak a word of encouragement, give a gift, say a blessing for someone each day.
- Our Advent Adventure is running THIS SUNDAY! Great fun for families; all welcome. See Sue Clayden to offer help. Thank you.
- Last chance to buy tickets for the Co-op Orchestra Concert on Saturday 8th. Proceeds for Global Care. Fantastic festive fun! See Hannah.
- We have some Christmas flyers remaining to deliver to the streets in our parish. The first event on them is today, so if you could take a pack to deliver asap, we would be really grateful.
- Advent Calendars and Candles are available on the card stall.
- If you have questions about the value of tithing, or you find tithing a real challenge, please speak to your Life Group Leader, Steve, or Lorna about it. To find out how to give at St James, please take a Giving Leaflet available by the door. Remember you cannot out-give God! You may find these articles useful in exploring the topic of tithing:
Father God, help us to take the step of faith to tithe. We know you are a loving and generous God who provides all that we need, but help us to BELIEVE that with all our hearts. Thank you that you always do provide and if we step up our giving, you will step up the blessings! Help us to be faithful and generous with our finances to support our church family. Amen.